“Animal Farm” - theatre review

29. März 2022
Nicole Weibel

On March 15th my class and I went to Baden to see a play called “Animal Farm”. The playwright who wrote this beautiful and informative play is George Orwell. The story is about different animals that live on a farm but they are dissatisfied. They start a rebellion, chase away the farmer and learn how to read and write by themselves. What a crazy story. During the play the animals settled on seven commandments, one of them was: “All animals are equal.” But they broke every single one. Throughout the story there are many complications, but at the end, something happens that scares most of the animals. My personal thoughts: I was fascinated by the way the actors performed the story. The actors were amazing, they played their role to perfection. Even though the play was in English I was still able to follow their actions and understood most of it. The best actors were playing the cat and the dog, they played their role with so much emotion and also both of my favorite scenes of the story. In one of the scenes the cat brushed around the leg of a person. The cat was very realistically represented. The other scene I liked was when the dog was laying on his back, so that he could be petted. The only negative thing was that the story on stage was quite far from the background and the set design could have been more vivid.

Would I recommend this play to my friends or family? Absolutely! But I think you should read the book first, otherwise you won`t understand a lot. Now I wish you have a lot of fun with the book “Animal Farm” and who knows maybe you`ll watch the play one day too.



Our class, 3. Sek b, went to see a play in Baden on a Tuesday evening, March the 15th. The play “Animal Farm” written by George Orwell was performed. George Orwell was and is a well-known author. We travelled by train and bus.

The theatre in Baden is beautiful and impressive, it`s big and looks rather old. I thought we are going to be the only class in the play, but there were so many other classes.

The stage was massive and dark, it was appropriate to a story about a revolution. Only in the middle of the stage was light. All actors played incredible, they made animalistic sounds by themselves. It took me a while to understand this weren`t computer sound effects. At first I couldn`t separate the characters because they wore regular clothes. But after some time I got used to it.

The storyline from the book sometimes didn`t match with the play. Actually some animals were missing, for example Squealer. In the book he is one of the main characters.

But overall, I totally loved it!

On our way home we searched for an open store but because of the time, everything that looked good was closed. We arrived home late and with hunger but with a new experience.


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